During the Holiday season, I get very very crafty!
Decorations, gifts, etc. So naturally, I take it to the next level and start venturing on what kind of DIY things I could do for myself that could also be a Christmas gift to others!!! Last year, it was Bath Bombs. This year, I am going for HomeMade Skin Scrubs!

We pinned a whole board on Pinterest that contains different kinds of recipes that are easy to follow! Before you begin making your own, you might want to check out APHOTHECARY JARS on Amazon to store your goods ;)


There are 5 types of Body Scrubs! Where you use them, is totally up to you!

Salt scrubs usually contain sea salt and they are great for getting rid of toxins on your skin, like dead skin cells (which we all have). This is great for face & body. It's a bit tougher on the skin but sometimes your skin needs tough love.

I LOVE sugar scrubs. They are less rough than a Salt Scrub! Sugar Scrubs are mostly for pleasure (Not like that) as in they scrub your skin and because they are usually made with natural brown or granulated sugar, its a great way to Go Green !  I would definitely avoid using it on the face though.

Coffee scrubs are one of my favorites! They also help to remove toxins from your skin, they help make your skin feel and look firm, helps fight breakouts, and BONUS... can help with cellulites!

Herbal Scrubs are great for helping your skin heel and relax. Ex; Sunburn, irritations, allergies, etc. And because they are made with herbs, the possibilities and concoctions are endless!

You know, for dry skin! A few popular ingredients in hydrating scrubs are aloe & oatmeal, not always together though. I'm sure you can find 1000 ways to make a moisturizing scrub. This is my go-to scrub in the Winter when the corners of my body (Elbows, Knees, Feet) get super dry and itchy! You'd think rubbing sandy-texture creams would make it worse, but it actually helps exfoliate the dry/dead layer that is making you itch and begging for hydration.

You will never know how much dead skin your lips build from just living life! Using Lip Scrubs not only help restore the natural oils back to your lips, but it also makes lipstick look Oh-So-Smooth on them. The first time I brought home a lip scrub, the hubby ate it! No lie! It was all natural ingredients so I guess he was okay. Sugar Lips are my favorite kind to make, they are super easy, they make great gifts, and 99% of the time you can eat them too!