Washing Your MakeUp Brushes


Alright ladies!
If you are not washing your makeup brushes on the regular, I am here to shame you!

Not really, though! It wasn't until recently that I decided to be better about my makeup brushes. I used to wait wayyyy to long to wash them, to the point that I would just toss them and buy new ones. If you tell anyone, I will deny it! Did you know that not washing your MU brushes on the regular makes you break out!? Yup! ...You don't need to save up for a fancy MU Brush Soap. In fact, I like the DIY recipe way better!

1- Your own Face wash or baby Shampoo.
2- Warm water
3- Clean sink

1- Soak all of your brushes with warm water running on the sink
2- Pour a dollop of face wash on the corner of your sink (where the running water can't reach.)
3- Dabble your brushes on the dollop of face wash gently & continuously.
4- Wash under warm water.
5- Repeat until the entire brush is clean.
6- Let air-dry over towel or use a cool fan. (Do not use blow dryer to speed up process. The heat will damage the brushes.) PS: You can still use wet brushes for liquid applications like foundation & concealer. It can give your makeup a smooth & even finish on your skin!

If you don't have time to wash your brushes thoroughly and need to save that task for later, dabble your brushes on baby wipes or MU remover wipes. NEVER use alcohol spray. This doesn't remove the MU all the way and it damages your brushes over time.

Normally you should wash your brushes after every use. BUT we don't always got time for that! However, you shouldn't push past a week without washing your brushes. I wash my hair about twice a week and usually i'll just wash them in the shower with me! ... I like talking long luxurious showers.

Now get to work ;)