Microblading training in Utah
Microblading training in Utah
Training Courses for Eyebrow Microblading Utah
Training Courses for Eyebrow Microblading Utah
Training Courses for Eyebrow Microblading Utah
Microblading training in Utah


I'm sure you've heard it a million times before... "Eyebrows are the frame of the face". Truer words have never been spoken, my friends.  You can get away with little-to-no make up on a busy day if your eyebrows are groomed and done.  That's where Microblading comes in handy!

Microblading is semi-permanent tattoo that can last from 1-3 years! Long enough to save you time and short enough to not worry about a lifetime commitment. It is the perfect solution for minimizing your daily hassle routine. Microblading, unlike Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo, is that the microblading's methods gives your eyebrows a natural and 3D hair look.  It is s soft strokes versus one solid overall color.  



  • Mircroblading can last from 1 to 3 years. Typically starts fading after the first year. (Permanent Eyebrow tattoo lasts up to 10 years.)
  • You can wear make up on top.
  • Mircoblading pigment can be professionally removed.
  • Service is strongly advised against for pregnant women and nursing women. 


This is what you should expect when you get microblading done with us...

  • First, we start with the foundation of your eyebrows. With one blade we conture your brows and with another we fill in the rest.
  • Second, you have a healing period of 4 weeks.
  • After your healing period, you come back in for your touch up. This is what allows the pigment to last longer and look fuller. 
  • We provide all different color pigments, from light brown to black.
  • We work with a range of different blades to give you the most customized and natural look.  
  • Lastly, don't worry about the pain! We provide numbing cream!

Come on in to step up your eyebrow game or contact me if you have any questions!

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