The Sirene Lash Education Program is taught by Certified Instructors to assure quality training to all our students. Taking my courses will make you a certified Lash & Brow Artist. We tour around the U.S. to give aspiring artist with an entrepreneur heart the chance to become their own boss. We cover and show you everything you need to know about the latest LASH & BROW Techniques.


Please note that each state has different laws for licensing requirements. A certification is not a license, and even if you take our Top Valued workshop, you may not be legally licensed to work in this industry. Please note that it's your responsibility to check with your State Laws as you would not be eligible for a refund after taking our course. 


  • In-Depth Training Manual
  • Hands-On Practice
  • A Sirene Business Kit; for Lash or Microblading
  • Live Model Practice or Mannequin Head
  • Course & Artist Certification (Upon Graduation)
  • Discount on chosen Sirene Products
  • A directory membership

The chart shown above is based off  Classic Lash Full Sets Minimum Case Scenario Example.  
This example is subject to change Over time, once you are booked with Filling Services.

"First off, we want you to know that it's the spirit of hustler's who've inspired us to teach this trade. We want to be 100% transparent with you through the good and the bad. We don't want future artists to think this is easy money, because it’s not. You will have to work really hard to become a great Lash & Brow Artist in order to enjoy the benefits of doing what you love. I myself decided to do this post because at the end of the day, this is what pays our bills + supports our families + and supports our dreams. For me it’s all about having the real FREEDOM that a 9-5 job or company won’t give you and can’t offer compared to
Being Your Own Boss.   

Educating Lash & Brow Artists and watching their business grow is our #1 goal and passion! We’re not just here to teach you, we want to mentor you as well! Why? Because we were once students too, and now we're Lash Artists ourselves.  Therefor we know what its like to have to start with ZERO Money & ZERO Clients.   This is not a Multi-Level, this is not a “Get Rich” Scheme.... THIS IS a Career. If you’re considering becoming a Lash or Brow Artist, don’t wait! Now is the time, and we are here to guide you every step of the way!"

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