All about Spray Tans

Here at Sirene’s Beauty Place we don’t just do lashes. We also do microblading, brow waxing, body waxing, facials, makeup applications and spray tans! And today, we are gonna be talking about how to prepare your body for a spray tan. I have had several spray-tans in my life, and I wish I would’ve researched how to prepare beforehand for my first few. I basically did it all wrong when it came to prepping my skin, and my tan faded within a couple days of it. Yeah, not fun, and a huge waste of money on my part. So here’s the best tips and tricks I compiled to help you get the most out of your tan:


    • To get your skin ready, exfoliate! Exfoliate your whole body, but especially get those really dry areas such as ankles, elbows, knees, hands and feet. This will help with product build-up in those areas.

    • Do not use any moisturizers the day of your tan, or get facials or any sort of waxing done. This will make your tan uneven in areas and not let it set. . The less moisture your skin has, the better your tan will apply to your skin and help it to last longer.

    • Make sure you shower the morning of, and shave as well! You will need to avoid shaving for at least 24 hours after the application so you don’t shave your tan off right away.


    • Be sure to wear dark clothing to your appointment because residue from the tanning spray will transfer a little bit since it takes 6-7 hours for it to fully apply, so it’s better if it’s loose clothing (such as sweat bottoms, a tank top and flip flops).

    • For the actual tan, you can wear as little or as much clothing as you prefer. If you don’t want lines, no clothing is required! If you don’t mind some lines, you can totally wear a swimsuit! It’s all about what you are most comfortable with.

    • Just keep in mind, if you choose to wear something during the tan, it will get stained. So be sure to make sure it’s something dark or something you don’t mind ruining. And of course, no jewelry.


    • You want to keep the residue from the tan on as long as possible (at least 8 hours) so the tan can fully develop without any issue. This is why I prefer to get sprayed at night, then I can just sleep in my tan then wake up and shower (beware, your sheets will get stained doing this). If you get sprayed in the morning, just make sure you try to avoid showering, sweating and swimming (chlorine breaks down your tan no matter what stage it’s in so we suggest you avoid it completely) for 8 hours.

    • Moisturize moisturize moisturize!!! Lay on the lotions as much as possible to keep your skin from getting dry or flaky. Tans love moisture, and this will keep it from fading for as long as possible.

    • Try to avoid pore-strips, shaving, exfoliating, harsh soaps and oils for the life of the tan if you can. This will help it to not break down as fast.

We love a good spray tan, and following these tips can help your tan last and keep you looking dark and sun-kissed. Happy tanning babes!

Kate Hancock