Trendy Summer Lip Shades

Summer is practically here (well, if the rain and mood swings of the weather ever decide to give up being so up and down it would basically be here already). So! In anticipation for Summer’s return, I gathered the lip shades that are going to be on point this Summer. Can we all just take a moment and appreciate that neons are coming back in every way? Not just in makeup but in fashion as well. I love that a lot of the trends this year have included neons (both the spring nails and makeup looks included these). Anyways, let’s get to it! Here are the hottest lip colors for Summer 2019:

Neon Lips

Nude Lips

Petal Pink Lips

Glitter Lips

How fun are these lip trends? I haven’t seen glitter lips since I was in junior high, and that was a super long time ago! I am happy the petal pink is in there, I always love me a good pink. And nudes are my go-to! So I am thinking I’ll be on-trend in the lip department this Summer! Yay!

Kate Hancock