Facials 101

Did you know here at Sirene’s Beauty Place we offer facials?? We love helping you feel and look your best, and that includes offering facials :) They are so refreshing, amazing self-care, and just a good way to pamper yourself without breaking the bank. Below we are going over how to what a facial is, what you can expect and how to prep for a facial.


What is a facial and what can I expect?

A facial is a treatment for your face with the goal in helping improve your complexion; helping you look younger, more healthy and have that dewy, glowing skin. An esthetician will apply a multi-step treatment that will clean, nourish and improve your skin all while exfoliating it. They will use anything from masks, serums and cleaners, and take an extensive look at your face and really deep cleanse your face. They really look at your skin as they are applying the facial, and since they are looking and working so closely on you, they are able to clean and treat your skin much better than you are able at home. It is meant to not only cleanse, but to relax you tremendously.

How do I prep for my facial?

Don’t change a thing. Keep with your regular skin routine as your facial appointment approaches. The reason we ask this is so your esthetician can get a good look at your skin in it’s normal day-to-day state and can better analyze and diagnose your skin. Also, think about what your goal is for your facial? Is it purely to relax? Are you curious about what type of skincare would help or improve your skin? Do you have acne or blackheads that just won’t stop? Think about what you are wanting the end-goal to be beforehand so you can consult with your esthetician and they can tell you the answers to your questions. Our estheticians are extremely knowledgeable and are more than happy to help you and recommend what the best ways and products to improve what you want improved.

Facials are so incredibly relaxing and such a good and inexpensive way to pamper yourself. We can’t wait to see you at your next facial appointment!

Kate Hancock