Lash Extensions & Sleeping

Whether you are newbie to lash extensions, or have been getting them for a while, you know it can be a sad reality to waking up to some (or a lot) of stray lashes after a nights sleep. It’s a sad sight to see. I have experienced this first-hand on many occasions, especially in the beginning of my lash-journey because I wasn’t taking the easy, but necessary precautions to ensure my lashes stayed-put throughout the night. Below are two easy tips to help keep those lashes on your lashes, and not all over your pillow :)


Tip #1 Get yourself a silk pillowcase

I had no idea this was a thing, but cotton can totally snag your extensions, especially during sleep! It may seem smooth and slick, but comparing it to silk, it’s like velcro. It clings to everything. Silk allows your lashes to glide as you sleep, not be tugged and pulled. And BONUS: sleeping on a silk pillowcase also has benefits for your hair. It keeps that bedhead at bay, and helps prevent static and split ends! Win win!

Tip #2 Get a sleep mask

If you’re like me, wearing a sleep mask is the only way I can sleep. It keeps the light out that comes when my husband goes to work early, and it ensures I will have darkness for as long as I need (I am a super light sleeper, so anything helps). Well, once I got extensions, I was kinda sad to think my sleep-mask days were over. But then I thought, this is 2018, there has to be sleep masks for people who get lash extensions…and behold! There are! They range in both quality in price like most things, but you can easily find them. They are elevated around the eye area to ensure the mask doesn’t touch your lashes, and yet you still get to keep that darkness you need for sleep. I have tried them and they are great!

We hope these couple of ideas help to ensure you have a wonderful nights sleep, all while keeping your extensions nice and tidy on your lashes :) Happy dreaming!

Kate Hancock