Common Lash Extensions Myths

Have you ever heard that getting lash extensions ruins your real lashes? Or that getting lash extensions hurts? Or your lashes will permanently fall out if you get extensions too long? Yeah, me too. It’s so funny to me all the myths that are out there about lash extensions. Before I got them on a regular basis, I was super cautious and believed some of these myths because I didn’t know any better. I am so glad I did some research and came to find that the myths I mentioned above, and so many others, are just pure fiction. Below we are busting the top 5 myths about lash extensions:


Myth #1: Lash extensions make your lashes fall out

This one is so funny to me, because your lashes fall out regardless if you get lash extensions or not. It’s called shedding. Your lashes have a growth cycle and around every two weeks the average person loses about 20% of their lashes due to this cycle. Your lashes can only grow to a certain length before they shed, and once they shed, a new hair is already to grow in it’s place. Lash extensions have nothing to do with this.

Myth #2: Getting lash extensions is painful

Speaking from personal experience, getting them done the first time was a little different, but definitely not painful. My eyes weren’t used to the glue and therefore caused my eyes to water a little bit, but I felt no pain whatsoever. If anything, getting them done is relaxing. I fall asleep basically every time I get mine filled. It’s super calming and feels like your being pampered.

Myth #3: If you get lash extensions, your lashes will grow back thinner

I think the reason this is even a myth is because when you have lash extensions, your lashes are fuller and more lush and longer. When you go from having that to regular lashes, your regular lashes are going to feel more sparse and not as full. That’s why it may look and feel like your lashes haven’t grown back, but if you are used to lash extensions then that would make sense. But no, they grow back just as they grew before you had the extensions.

Myth #4: You need to take breaks from having lash extensions

There is no scientific proof to back this up, because, as stated above, your lashes have a growth cycle and they shed regardless of extensions or not. There is no need to take breaks from any reason other than if the person getting them wants a break from them. You could get them for years and years and have no issues with your regular lashes or their growth.

We hope we were able to bust some of the biggest myths out there about lash extensions for you! Lashes are perfectly safe (unless you’re allergic to the glue, which isn’t super common but it is a thing) and not damaging at all to your natural lashes. The only thing they do is make you look amazing, wide awake and gorgeous without having to do anything :) Schedule an appointment with us today!

Kate Hancock