Different Lash Types 101

A breakdown of the different styles of lash extensions!
Our guide helps you figure out how
Thick & Full your final product will look!

If you are new to getting lash extensions like me, or have never had them before at all, then you probably aren’t familiar with the different types of lash styles you can get at your lash appointment. I honestly didn’t even know different lash types existed so no worries if you are thinking the same thing right now :)

Below is a breakdown of the different styles thanks to Kat Romrell of The Posh Lash Studio (she does some behind-the-scenes work for Sirene’s Beauty Place as well and is a certified Sirene Lash Artist and such a doll). I love how she broke down what each lash style is, gave examples of what each looks like, and gives an explanation of what each style is about and the look it will give you.

This breakdown was so helpful for me when I was choosing which style to get myself, so I am sure it will be helpful for you too.


LashesKate Hancock