Invisible Clear Adhesive


The newest & hottest product in the industry just hit our store! The Invisible Clear Adhesive.
You’re probably wondering; “Why are we all freaking out about it?”…. Glad you asked! The answer is in the name…. It dries invisible & clear! Giving the illusion of lighter weight bond between natural lash and extension! This makes this glue the perfect partner for non-black lash colored extensions. You know, the browns & auburn tones and including the vibrant color lash extension tones. Here are a few other reasons why we love it:

  • Drying time of 1-2 seconds

  • Up to 8 week retention

  • Consistency is extremely thin

  • Absolutely NO FUMES!

You can buy our adhesive online or shop it at our salon. You are going to love it!
PLEASE NOTE: This product is meant to be used by professionals only.

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