Why Lash Cleanser is Essential

Leaving the lash salon with a brand new set of filled lashes is probably one of the most amazing feelings right? Not much more can make a woman feel more gorgeous or confident. But as the days and weeks go by after that appointment, do you find that your lashes start to not feel or look the same? Do you feel like the fall out quickly and you don't know why? Don't get me wrong, it’s normal for you to lose a few lashes a day because of your lash cycle, but losing more than that is typically not the norm, and one reason it could be happening is because you aren’t cleaning your lashes.

Sirene’s Oil Free Lash Cleanser

Sirene’s Lash Cleansing Brushes

It sounds kind of backwards right? Getting your lashes wet and cleaning them with a cleanser and a brush…sounds like that would cause them to fall out because your are messing with them and moving them around, at least that’s what I thought at first. But I have had experience with both cleaning my lashes faithfully, and going a few cycles with not cleaning them at all, and I can say that they fall out much quicker when I let the makeup, sweat from working out, and daily gunk stay on them and not cleaning them.

Cleaning them makes a huge difference, both while you are at home, and before you get your lashes filled again. Your retention lasts WAY LONGER when you go to your lash appointment with clean lashes and zero eye makeup; I’ve had first-hand experience with this as well. I’ve had 4-week retention when I have religiously cleansed my lashes and gone in with clean lashes. My retention time was cut IN HALF when I didn’t clean my lashes or went to get them filled with eye makeup still present on my eyes and lashes.

The point: CLEAN THOSE LASHES! Your lashes will thank you and so will your lash artist! We sell an awesome lash cleanser and cleansing brushes that will last you loads of cleansing times. Both are super gentle on your lashes and the foam cleanser also works as an eye makeup remover as well! Pick them up in store or online!

**It’s important to remember to cleanse your lashes only with an approved lash cleanser. some cleansers on the market claim they are safe for your lashes but contain oil and make your lashes fall out really quickly. we recommend talking to your lash artist and going with what they recommend.

Kate Hancock