All About Working with Models

When you are in the lashing industry, it’s important to constantly try and bump up your lash game with working on new techniques, learning new styles and getting more experience under your belt. To do this, you can use models. Here are some reasons why working on models is so important, things to consider when looking for a model, and all about photographing your model:


Why work on models

- Its always good to try new styles, our industry changes all the time.

-There are some styles that can only be achieved on full sets. If you are not taking new clients you are probably only doing fills and your artistic side might not be too happy!

-Working on models will let you play and discover new ways of how you want to apply and set your lashes. By having more time to work on someone you won’t be rushed and it’s also a good time to let go of those “bad habits”.

Things to consider when looking for a model

-If you know your model and her lashes that’s a plus! You don’t want to block off yourself all day and have a model show up with damaged NL.

-Have your model send you a few pictures with eyes open and closed.

-I like to have a model list with past clients and reach out to them whenever I need a model.

-Make sure you tell them it will be a longer appt so they come prepared.

- It’s up to you how you work a price for models. There could be a small fee, a discounted set, or even free of



-Make sure you block enough time to be able to take lots of pictures when you are done.

-If you plan on having a photographer, make sure you coordinate times.

-If you will taking the pictures use a camera! All the angles, and good lighting.

-Your model should come without make up for a better application, having a make up artist do her make up after is a plus! But it will all depend on the look and kind of photos you are wanting. You can also have your model bring her own make up and add some when you are done.

-Don’t forget to have fun and be creative!

Yanina Lopez