Different Lash Shapes


Did you know there are different shapes you can get your lashes done when you get extensions? I think it’s so cool that it’s not just a “one size fits all” concept. I never would’ve guessed you could actually get different shapes to have different effects on your eyes. Kat Romrell, our gorgeous friend and lash artist over at The Posh Lash Studio created this awesome breakdown of the different shapes of lashes you can get. (BTW, If you live on the East Coast, this woman is your lash girl!! So freaking talented and a Sirene Certified Lash Artist :)


When I first started getting my lashes done I was getting the “cat-eye” look, and now I go for more of a “fluffy” look and I love how full and open my eyes look because of this shape. I think I may want to try the “open” shape sometime, cause I’m curious if it makes your eyes look more open. Don’t be afraid to try new shapes! They are all gorgeous and there’s no wrong one :)

LashesKate Hancock