Become a Sirene Brand Rep


Happy Friday!
Today I wanted to talk about our Brand Rep program. We are looking for amazing women to represent the Sirene brand, and we would love for YOU to be a part of our team! Below are the qualifications, the perks of being a brand rep, and the responsibilities a brand rep has:


  • Discounts everywhere; products, workshops, events, etc.

  • Get featured on our social media & blog.

  • Chance to become Lash Artist of the Month; more features AND Free products.

  • Career Opportunities within our company.

  • Be in the know of everything that goes on in our company.


  • Must have minimum 500 Followers on IG.

  • Must have an active social media account. Approximately posting about 5x’s per week.

  • Your IG feed MUST be aesthetically clean & pleasing to the eye.


  • Only review & post Sirene’s Beauty Place Brand Products.

  • Review and post about our products on a weekly to monthly basis on social media.

  • Always strive for top quality services.

  • Uphold courteous & professional attitude at all times.

If you are interested in becoming a brand rep, we welcome you to apply! We are excited to have you be apart of the Sirene brand :)

EventsKate Hancock