Enhance Your Lashing Experience

The day has finally come: FILL DAY!!!! You’ve been waiting for weeks for this day and you couldn’t be more excited! Not only are your lashes going to look full, beautiful, voluptuous and sexy again, but you also get an hour or two to do nothing but get some shut-eye, get pampered and have some good girl talk with your lash artist if you wish! But how do you get the most relaxation out of your lash appointment? Below are some ideas on how to enhance your lashing experience:

lash extension fundamentals.jpg
  1. Leave the kids at home: I know for me, a mom of 3 young kids, my lash appointment is one appointment I look forward too because it gives me time away from kiddos and I get to focus on ME for a couple hours while getting beautified in the process. Most (if not all) lash salons also have a no-kids policy (ours included), because when you are getting your lashes done, your eyes are shut. It makes it impossible to watch them. As cute as they are, leave them home and relax.

  2. Bring some headphones: Our lash artists love some good girl-talk, but if you are just needing some relaxation and are wanting to listen to a podcast or some tunes, we tooooootally get it! Your lash artist won’t be one bit offended if you want to tune out the world for an hour while she beautifies you! Slip on those headphones and kick back and let us do the work. Who knows, you may even fall asleep (go for it!!).

  3. Save the caffeine for later: We totally get needing a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, but on the day of your appointment, we suggest waiting until after you appointment to get some caffeine in your system. The reason is is that caffeine can make your eyes super active and fluttery, and it can make it a little difficult for not only your lash artist to apply lashes, and in turn, making it hard for you to lie still and enjoy getting them done. Try skipping the coffee or Diet Coke just this once and you’ll be a little more relaxed in your appointment.

  4. Silence your phone: There is nothing more annoying than when you hear your phone ringing and buzzing to text alarms and you can’t do anything about it because you can’t open your eyes to see what’s going on. Do yourself a favor and silence your phone. Not only will you be more focused on relaxing and getting your lash on, but you also won’t be laying there worried about who’s contacting you and why, all the while making you feeling anxious and jumpy. Those texts and Instagram notifications can wait. This is you time. Use it wisely :)

We hope you enjoy some of these tips for a more enhanced lash experience! Tell us, what do you do to make your lash appointment more relaxing? We’d love to hear what you do in the comments below!

Kate HancockComment