Microblading Experience


The power of brows! And lashes! But Brows, though!
You've all heard it... Eyebrows are the frame of the face. It's crazy how much you can get away with look-wise with amazing eyebrows. And lashes. But brows, though!

Behold, my microblading experience! Click to read!

Ps: Take a look at a comepletely unedited picture taken right out of the shower! Literally!

Washing Your MakeUp Brushes


Alright ladies!
If you are not washing your makeup brushes on the regular, I am here to shame you!

Not really, though! It wasn't until recently that I decided to be better about my makeup brushes. I used to wait wayyyy to long to wash them, to the point that I would just toss them and buy new ones. If you tell anyone, I will deny it! Did you know that not washing your MU brushes on the regular makes you break out!? Yup! ...You don't need to save up for a fancy MU Brush Soap. In fact, I like the DIY recipe way better!

1- Your own Face wash or baby Shampoo.
2- Warm water
3- Clean sink

1- Soak all of your brushes with warm water running on the sink
2- Pour a dollop of face wash on the corner of your sink (where the running water can't reach.)
3- Dabble your brushes on the dollop of face wash gently & continuously.
4- Wash under warm water.
5- Repeat until the entire brush is clean.
6- Let air-dry over towel or use a cool fan. (Do not use blow dryer to speed up process. The heat will damage the brushes.) PS: You can still use wet brushes for liquid applications like foundation & concealer. It can give your makeup a smooth & even finish on your skin!

If you don't have time to wash your brushes thoroughly and need to save that task for later, dabble your brushes on baby wipes or MU remover wipes. NEVER use alcohol spray. This doesn't remove the MU all the way and it damages your brushes over time.

Normally you should wash your brushes after every use. BUT we don't always got time for that! However, you shouldn't push past a week without washing your brushes. I wash my hair about twice a week and usually i'll just wash them in the shower with me! ... I like talking long luxurious showers.

Now get to work ;)



During the Holiday season, I get very very crafty!
Decorations, gifts, etc. So naturally, I take it to the next level and start venturing on what kind of DIY things I could do for myself that could also be a Christmas gift to others!!! Last year, it was Bath Bombs. This year, I am going for HomeMade Skin Scrubs!

We pinned a whole board on Pinterest that contains different kinds of recipes that are easy to follow! Before you begin making your own, you might want to check out APHOTHECARY JARS on Amazon to store your goods ;)


There are 5 types of Body Scrubs! Where you use them, is totally up to you!

Salt scrubs usually contain sea salt and they are great for getting rid of toxins on your skin, like dead skin cells (which we all have). This is great for face & body. It's a bit tougher on the skin but sometimes your skin needs tough love.

I LOVE sugar scrubs. They are less rough than a Salt Scrub! Sugar Scrubs are mostly for pleasure (Not like that) as in they scrub your skin and because they are usually made with natural brown or granulated sugar, its a great way to Go Green !  I would definitely avoid using it on the face though.

Coffee scrubs are one of my favorites! They also help to remove toxins from your skin, they help make your skin feel and look firm, helps fight breakouts, and BONUS... can help with cellulites!

Herbal Scrubs are great for helping your skin heel and relax. Ex; Sunburn, irritations, allergies, etc. And because they are made with herbs, the possibilities and concoctions are endless!

You know, for dry skin! A few popular ingredients in hydrating scrubs are aloe & oatmeal, not always together though. I'm sure you can find 1000 ways to make a moisturizing scrub. This is my go-to scrub in the Winter when the corners of my body (Elbows, Knees, Feet) get super dry and itchy! You'd think rubbing sandy-texture creams would make it worse, but it actually helps exfoliate the dry/dead layer that is making you itch and begging for hydration.

You will never know how much dead skin your lips build from just living life! Using Lip Scrubs not only help restore the natural oils back to your lips, but it also makes lipstick look Oh-So-Smooth on them. The first time I brought home a lip scrub, the hubby ate it! No lie! It was all natural ingredients so I guess he was okay. Sugar Lips are my favorite kind to make, they are super easy, they make great gifts, and 99% of the time you can eat them too! 


A Thousand Ways To Contour

Okay you guys! If you aren't contouring, we need to have a serious talk! Like... what have you been doing with your life lately? We can still be friends and all but you gotta change your ways a bit. I don't mean you MUST contour everyday of your life, but you have to try it at least once... or twice. It's like going to disney and not getting Mickey/ Minnie ears!

Did you know that you can contour and highlight with over the counter products like eyeshadows, blush-bronzers, foundation and concealers? I mean, you're obviously better off using the stuff that's made for Contouring, but if you don't want to commit just yet, go get a few different shades of neutral color eyeshadow.


Pick an EYESHADOW color that is  close to your skin tone, then get one that is 2-3 shades DARKER than your skin.
Pick an EYESHADOW color that is  close to your skin tone, then get one that is 2-3 shades LIGHTER than your skin.
Pick an EYESHADOW shade between White & Vanilla. 


If you are gonna put some serious money down, might as well get the good stuff. I'll just drop a couple of names for you and you can decide ;)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit, Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon Blush & Bronzer Palette, Smashbox #ShapeMatters Palette, Too Faced Cocoa Contour Makeup Palette, LORAC Pro Contour Palette, Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit, NYX Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Palette.... You get it.


We made a whole board for you on Pinterest on Conturing. We pinned the best of the best, and then some! Now get to work !


Hair Care with Mama Essentials


Hello beauty lovers! 
We are so excited to feature cute blogger Jessica from Mama Essentials! Jessica is talking about 5 Ways to Naturally Grow Thick & Longer Hair! Read all about it and check her out! 

1. Use the correct shampoo for your hair type !

"Many people don’t think about this, but this is pretty important! If you have thin, oily-prone hair and you use a shampoo made for thick/dry hair, you aren’t going to get the results you want. Often times, using the wrong shampoo can result in an excess amount of oils, unhealthy hair, and it just isn’t fun. So research the shampoo that is going to work best for your hair and use that! For people with dry, thick hair I recommend this shampoo. For people with oily prone, thin hair I recommend this or this shampoo."

2. Avoid putting any type of harsh chemicals into your hair !

"This may be surprising, but 99% of hair care products on the market contain harsh chemicals. You can find carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, environmental toxins, parabens, harsh fragrances and more in the majority of shampoos and hair products. Not only are these types of ingredients bad for your entire body and health, but they won’t do your hair any favors. Our hair is like a plant that needs to be fed, nourished, and protected. Instead of putting harsh ingredients onto our hair, it is much better to use products that contain natural, nourishing ingredients that will not only not hurt our hair, but will strengthen and strengthen it!  Some ingredients to avoid in your hair care products are:  parabens, fragrance, parfum, butylene glycol, propylene glycol, SLS, dyes, and tetrasodium EDTA.  Instead, opt for toxin-free products that are made with essential oils and natural plant-sourced ingredients."

3. Use heat on your hair as little as possible & wash your hair less !

"I know this is easier said than done, but this will do wonders for you hair! I blow dry my hair once a week, I straighten it twice a month, and I only use my curling wand 1-2 times a week.  If you still need to use heat, there are still some ways to decrease your current usage.  -only wash your hair 1-2 times a week and use dry shampoo in between washes.  -let your hair dry naturally when possible  -put your hair into braids while it dries instead of curling it, for a natural wave  -use a curling wand instead of an iron. It requires less direct contact with the hair and does not require heavy heat on your roots."

4. Add essential oils to your shampoo !

"This one was a TOTAL game changer for me. I saw instant and consistent growth from this method. Cedarwood, Lavender, and Rosemary essential oils are known for stimulating hair growth and promoting thicker and healthier hair. They’re my hair’s secret weapon 🙂 I recommend adding 1 drop of essential oil for every ounce of shampoo. My shampoo contains 8 ounces, so I add 8 drops to each brand new bottle. Since I use this shampoo and it already contains lavender essential oil, I add 4 drops of cedarwood and 4 drops of rosemary and it lasts me for months. Read about where I buy pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from, in this post."

5. Use a hair mask once a month!

"I love using hair masks and I make sure to make one every single month. They are really great for breakage, split ends, dryness, excess oils, and stripping your hair of yucky toxins that are preventing healthy growth!  If you have dry hair: a hair mask will help nourish and moisturize your hair and will boost growth.  If you have oily hair: a hair mask will help get rid of the unhealthy oils and nourish your hair with the good oils, that your hair needs to grow and be healthy.  For my hair mask, I start with dry hair. Then I melt the coconut oil, and mix in the vitamin e oil & essential oils. (Do not heat up your essential oils, as that will decrease their therapeutic properties and make them lose their effectiveness). Then I apply the mixture to my hair starting at my ends, working up to my roots. A little goes a long way! I do not saturate my roots in the mask, but put just enough to cover the surface. Then I pull my hair up into a tight ballerina bun and I let it sit for 15 minutes before washing. For thinner hair, you can do 10 minutes."


3 Types of DIY MakeUp Remover

Whether your check wasn't able to cover your complete grocery list or you are more of a DIY kinda girl, we've researched easy and great DIY MakeUp Remover Recipes that are bound to save you money instantly or over time! We've picked three types; Oil Friendly, Oil-Free, and Essential Oils-Infused! 

All of our choices are used with wipes or pads! Why? Because we know you, you hard working woman. After the end of the day whether if it's a 9 to 5 job, or being a Stay-At-Home mom, both are big responsibilities!.... So who has time to wash their face? Am I Righhhhhttttt? I don't know about you, but no matter how many times I make it a goal to wash my face at the end of the day, I am more than likely to NOT and just hop in bed! Let this solution be  good compromise. Make yourself a batch of one of these and keep it on your night stand! After all, not removing your makeup at the end of the day is a fast road to bad skin and early wrinkles!



By: DIYJustCuz.com


  • Tear-free baby shampoo
  • Coconut Oil
  • Water
  • Cotton rounds
  • Small jar


  • Step 1: Take a small pot and boil some water (enough to fill 1/2 of your small jar).  Pour the hot water into the jar filling it slightly over 1/2 way.  
  • Step 2: Take 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil and put it in the water.  Let it melt.
  • Step 3: Stir in 3/4 of a Tablespoon of baby shampoo.  Mix well.
  • Step 4: In small increments place the cotton rounds in the jar.  The mixture will absorb into the cotton rounds.  You may need to press down on the cotton rounds for them to fully absorb the liquid.


By me from experience


  • 1/2 Cup of Lavender Witch Hazel
  • 1/2 Cup of Baby mild castile soap
  • A Tub of Unscented Baby Wipes [Aprx. 2.4 Pounds]


  • Pour both mixes in tub of baby wipes. 
  • Allow to soak in for 24 hours
  • Pour out overflow [Optional]
  • NOT to be used on the eyes


By: RedefinedMom.com


  • 1 quart wide mouth jar
  • 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 squirts of tear-free baby wash
  • 2 cups of purified water
  • 2 packages of cotton pads
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (will help with acne, but should NOT be used on the eyes) OR
  • Frankincense Essential Oil (will help rejuvenate the skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles) Microwaveable bowl


  • 1. Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 squirts of tear-free baby wash and 2 cups of purified water.
  • 2. Microwave in 10-20 second increments until melted and well blended.  
  • 3. Place about 50 cotton pads in you quart jar.  
  • 4. Pour your liquid mixture over your pads in the jar. Press pads down to help soak up the liquid. Add more pads to fit, pressing down.  
  • 5. Secure lid tight and keep in a dry, cool place.  
  • 6. Use your pads to remove your makeup daily.

Favorite Halloween MakeUp Looks

Hello Babes! 
It's Kat and I'm Back! We had to have a brief blog intermission as both Sirene's Beauty Place and Posh By Kat business have been growing. I had to step back for a little, as I figured out how to manage my brand. We were trying to decide where best to get help, but after lots of schedule re-arranging and brainstorming, we figured it out and I'm back! Plus, i'll be honest.... it's hard to get away from Sirene's Beauty Place. #Obssessed

Now! It's that time of the year that we are all secretly obssesed with and wait all year long for! HALLOWEEN! Am I rigghhhtttt?  We've put together our favorite Halloween Makeup Looks in no particular order!


You guys! That is some talent! It looks like art on a face! If her face looks this awesome, I wonder what the rest of her costume looks like!

I stalked this amazing makeup artist for a whole day! You will get lost in her IG feed looking at all her different makeup looks she can pull!

I love love love this female take on the Joker! A thousand times yes!

We wouldn't be us if we didn't include a mermaid look in the bunch! 

I am a weee bit obssesed with anything skull since the trend came out a couple of years ago! This year I finally decided to get me a costume! This make up is my Inspo!

I love the white color take on the Sugar Skull Look. If you are wanting to go with a softer Halloween look, this is the perfect way to go!

How perfect is this babe and her makeup!? I think I will try this one next year!

Okay so this is another skull look but how beautiful is this take on it. Can't get enough!

If this girl wasn't born to be a real fairy then I am confused about everything in life! This gorgeous look is the epitome of a what a Fairy should look like! All the heart eyes!

How creative is this girl? Such a fun Halloween Look to go for! She also gives you a few more Snapchat Filters Makeup tutorials! Check them out!


Hope you enjoyed lovers! If you have any Halloween looks you want to share, use hashtag #SireneBeautyBlogFans
For more Halloween Looks, We made a whole Pinterest Board just for you!

Sirene PhotoShoot Makeup Tutorial




Hey ladies!
It's Posh By Kat here! I have hi-jacked the Sirene Lash Blog today! JK, it's usually me writing for the awesome Sirene Blog! BUT I am bringing you a little something from my own channel!

Since lots of you requested to know more about my makeup look from the Sirene Lash ShootRachel and I got together and recreated the look in a tutorial video just for you! Yay!

You can find the list of products that we used back in my blog, or just follow along in the video!

Your Brow Game

We are on a roll with Brow Talk!
Remember last week when I said "You can get away with little-to no makeup if your eyebrows are groomed and done?!" It's so true! One of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get is "Who does your eyebrows & What do you use on them?". Well, thanks gals!

I get my eyebrows professionally shaped about once a year and then I maintain them myself and follow the shape religiously! I don't touch or change anything! They know what they are doing!

And as far as what I use on them, I like to experiment... a lot! So I have compiled a list of my favorite by experience and the most recommended! If you have a favorite that is not on the list, Tell us about it on the comment section!!!



#1: Brow Express Pencil by Mally Beauty -- $25
#2: 'Define a Brow' Eyebrow Pencil by Maybelline -- $7
#3: 'Brow Wiz' Mechanical Brow Pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills -- $21


#4: Speed Brow Quick-Set Brow Gel By BENEFIT COSMETICS -- $18
#5: Brow Set by M·A·C -- $17
#6: Brow Perfection Gel by PER-FEKT -- $22


#7: 'Dipbrow Pomade' Waterproof Brow Color By Anastasia Beverly Hills -- $18
#8: Brow Box by Urban Decay -- $30
#9: Brow Powder Duo by Anastasia Beverly Hills -- $23


Microblading training in Utah
Microblading training in Utah
Training Courses for Eyebrow Microblading Utah
Training Courses for Eyebrow Microblading Utah
Training Courses for Eyebrow Microblading Utah
Microblading training in Utah


I'm sure you've heard it a million times before... "Eyebrows are the frame of the face". Truer words have never been spoken, my friends.  You can get away with little-to-no make up on a busy day if your eyebrows are groomed and done.  That's where Microblading comes in handy!

Microblading is semi-permanent tattoo that can last from 1-3 years! Long enough to save you time and short enough to not worry about a lifetime commitment. It is the perfect solution for minimizing your daily hassle routine. Microblading, unlike Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo, is that the microblading's methods gives your eyebrows a natural and 3D hair look.  It is s soft strokes versus one solid overall color.  



  • Mircroblading can last from 1 to 3 years. Typically starts fading after the first year. (Permanent Eyebrow tattoo lasts up to 10 years.)
  • You can wear make up on top.
  • Mircoblading pigment can be professionally removed.
  • Service is strongly advised against for pregnant women and nursing women. 


This is what you should expect when you get microblading done with us...

  • First, we start with the foundation of your eyebrows. With one blade we conture your brows and with another we fill in the rest.
  • Second, you have a healing period of 4 weeks.
  • After your healing period, you come back in for your touch up. This is what allows the pigment to last longer and look fuller. 
  • We provide all different color pigments, from light brown to black.
  • We work with a range of different blades to give you the most customized and natural look.  
  • Lastly, don't worry about the pain! We provide numbing cream!

Come on in to step up your eyebrow game or contact me if you have any questions!

Lash Care 101

Photography by Bethany Petersen


The Basics

Let's start with the basics! A natural lash cycles is typically about 6 to 8 weeks! I'm sure you've noticed that you don't cycle through them all at once, and let's take a moment and thank mother nature for that! That being said, it is typically suggested that you book your lash maintenance every 2-4 weeks. It all depends on your own natural cycle and extra lash care can't hurt, right?!
So, let's talk about the Do's & Don'ts!

The Do's

  • Lightly, [Keyword LIGHTLY] brush them on the daily.  Brush them when you wake up or after washing your face, and after you shower.
  • Gently, [Keyword GENTLY] pat them dry when getting them wet. Never rub.
  • Invest in real makeup remover and/or eye makeup remover.
  • When removing your makeup, make sure to be ever so gentle around the lashes. Use a wet Q tip to remove makeup from hard to reach places.
  • Try sleeping on your back and as last resort on your sides. Completely avoid burying your face in the pillow!
  • If you like wearing sleep masks to bed, invest in a "Dome Shaped" sleep mask! You can get your shut eye, avoid light, and still take care of your lashes!

The Don't's

  • Avoid water and oil on your lashes (AT ALL) within the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid oily products on your face and eyes.
  • Avoid excessive eye makeup. Any eye makeup, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, etc. You got lashes now, why would you need extra eye make up on the daily anyway?!
  • Avoid Water-proof makeup
  • Avoid super hot water and super hot baths/showers as the heat weakens the glue and the bond. 
  • Do not tug, pull, or bend your lashes! Like, eva!
  • Do not rub your eyes. We know, that one is a hard one!


  • Cotton swabs, pads, wipes, Q tips leave behind fiber that can get caught between your lashes and bug you all day long. When using cotton material, wet it or use different kind of material around your eyes.
  • For dry eyes, invest in Eye Drops with Lubricant.
  • If you are experiencing itchiness due to dryness, with a CLEAN finger; dab on some baby oil or coconut oil and Gently dab on the tiniest bit on the itchy area of your eyelid.

Lash Breaks

If you have a well trained lash artist and you yourself are taking the best care of your own lashes as well,  then you can avoid natural lash damage and maybe even postpone your lash extension break a little longer. Here are some tips of what you should do, when caring for your natural lashes!

  • Drink lots of water
  • Do not go to sleep with makeup. Much less eye makeup.
  • Brush and massage your natural lashes with real coconut oil or real flaxseed oil. real olive oil or avocado oil are great too. Best time to do it is usually before bed time.
  • Still treat your lashes with love and care like you would with lash extensions. This includes no tugging, pulling, or bending your lashes.
  • Avoid any kind of alcohol based eye products.
  • Warm green tea bags on your eyes help stimulate growth and healthy follicles.
  • Switch to an eco-friendly mascara.
  • Keep up with your makeup's shelf life. More on that HERE.



Photography by: BETHANY PETERSON | Website, Model, & Blogger: KAT ROMRELL | Models/Bloggers: MORGAN ALLEN , KRISTEN DAVIS | MakeUp Artist: RACHEL COPELAND | Skirts by : BLISS TULLE


Welcome to the new and improved Sirene's Beauty Place! I am so excited to tell you about all the new things happening around here!

My name is Yanina Lopez, owner of Serene's Beauty Place. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I specialize in Lash Extensions, Brow Extensions, and now micro-blading too!

My business started out in a cute beauty parlor straight from home. Thanks to my loyal customers and my new customers, I decided to expand my business as it grew. Now, Serene's Beauty Place has upgraded to an official studio!

At Serene's Beauty Place you can find 3 more independent lash artist working their magic, booths to rent for MakeUp and Beauty Artists, and a perfectly all-around chic studio for events or photography needs. 

I want to thank everyone who has supported my business, dreams, and brand.  It means the world to me! And I want to give a special shout-out to the team that was involved in helping me upgrade my website! I couldn't have done it without these amazing contributors! Make sure to check them out!

To book your next appointment or become a Lash Artist yourself, you know where to find me!

Thank you for all the love and support!